Data Tapes & Media Vaulting

Data Tapes and Media Vaulting

Kayman Vaults
Kayman Vaults
  What -

It is a Scientific & Systematic process of Creating, Capturing, Archiving & Protecting ELECTRONIC DATA TAPES and other electronic media in a Safe, Secure, Temp & Humidity controlled environment, to swiftly & accurately Retrieve, Deliver & Replace, regularly or when required.

  Why -

Electronic data is critical hence need to eliminate the risk of unexpected DOWN TIME to control Loss of Revenue & Cost of Revenue Recovery and Productivity. Since they vary in lifespan & longevity in a proper environment it could be about 30 years.

  How -
  • Current Practices - Stored in the premise itself / MD’s House / Bank locker.
  • Challenges
  •             i) No climate-controlled environment / Working Hours restriction
  •             ii) Trusted resource for retrieval / Identification of required tape
  • Kayman’s Media Management Model
  •       a) Environment
  •             i) Climate control – Temperature / humidity / Dust & Pollution
  •             ii) Anti-static Flooring / Anti Flame Lightings / Paper free storage
  •             iii) Gas based fire suppression systems
  •       b) Storage Models
  •             i) Compactors / Open shelving / Closed Containers / Chubs
  •             ii) Exclusive or Private Vaults
  •       c) Rotations
  •             i) Scheduled delivery and collections of tapes or Requirement Basis
  •             ii) 24x7 transportation in secure Containers