Benefits of Records Management Facility over Rented Flats

Records Storage and Records Management is a serious business. But many businesses overlook this significance and have their own method of handling records. Record-keeping Compliance is ever-increasing from regulatory bodies. So as threats to spoil the integrity of records, there are internal and external risk elements. Hence it is imperative businesses rely on a systematic storage facility and property. 

Why companies Store business records in Rental houses?

For the sake of convenience and lack of awareness, many businesses rent private houses or apartments to store their critical business records. Businesses take such desperate decisions because their office spaces are cluttered with mountains of physical records. Storing them inexpensive commercial real estate is a waste of money and space. There are many risks associated with storing and maintaining business records in rental houses.


Disadvantages of storing business records in rented houses

    • Employees simply keep documents randomly and will waste time in finding records
    • Rental houses will not help in maintaining the integrity of business records
    • Rental houses don’t have the required infrastructure for storing business records
    • Rental houses will not have professional access control and monitoring tools
    • Rental houses are not designed to protect records from calamities

What is a Record Storage Facility?

Records storage facilities have purpose-built infrastructure designed to onboard, store, monitor, maintain every-growing business records in a centralized manner. The facility, team and their complete processes ensure records are protected for their security, reliability and accessibility.

Advantages of Records Storage Facility

The complexity in maintaining business records for multiple years is increasing each year.

Offices or rental houses are not capable to host business records for many years. Records Storage Facilities or Document Storage Facilities offer multiple advantages for corporates who choose to store their records.

Cost-effective Records Storage

Yes, organizations are not aware that dedicated records storage facilities often prove to be cost-effective in the long-run than rental houses. There are both direct and indirect costs associated in storing and maintaining records safe and secure. Organizations spend a lot on managing and storing the documents. While hiring an apartment for the records management function, extra expenditures are there for security, organizing and maintaining the files. But by entrusting a professional records management service for the work, these expenditures are minimized. One doesn’t have to worry about the countless expenses of retrieving the information from an unorganized storage system from rented houses. Their employees need not spend their long productive working hours retrieving the important records from the storage facility.

 24/7 Security

Hiring a professional record management company will give quality security for your confidential documents including client’s data, revenue, profitability, health records, sensitive personal information, tax information and official signatures etc. Filing records in a rented apartment increase the chances of information leakage. Records may get lost if extra efforts are not spent in installing monitoring devices inside rented apartments. However, in a professional record management storage facility, the service provider will ensure security of documents and will monitor the people who access records.

Systematically storage and Instant retrieval

When using a rented apartment for storing records, companies face difficulty in organizing and managing records. They are not aware of the scientific process of indexing, barcoding or RFID solutions to locate records quickly. But with the help of a professional record management service, this is not a problem at all. The trained personnel not just store records safely but also organize them systematically for instant retrieval in minutes, not hours. This makes tracking and retrieval of records easier.

 Trained Personnel for handling records.

Record management is a professional process. Professional record storage and management companies train their employees in properly managing records lifecycle management for years. They don’t come by cheap. Their expertise is valuable for businesses who care about their integrity, competitiveness and compliance process. In case of a rented house or in-house storage arrangement, you rely on existing employees to own the responsibility.

With just one records storage and rental service, you get multiple advantages. Partnering with a trusted record management company is good from a cost-effectiveness perspective and resource utilization perspective. They lessen the unnecessary workload of employees and contribute to the increase in productivity.

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