records management companies in chennai
medical records management companies in Chennai
medical records management companies in Chennai

Can Medical Records Management be Outsourced?

If you agree that learning or specializing depths and breaths Record-Keeping is not worth the Time of any healthcare organization which is supposed to be serving people, YES! Medical Records Management (MRM) can absolutely be outsourced for various reasons.

In times when healthcare workers are extremely occupied in delivering quality medical service, outsourcing medical record management can only be viewed as a strategic move considering the following benefits we will see under many use-cases.

Volume – The Surge due to recent spike in Medical Cases

The Healthcare Industry is going through a transformation phase, especially with the surge of medical cases due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. With the addition of an unimaginable volume of new patients every day, systematic handling of medical records is going to be pivotal.

Sorting through large amounts of information and finding specific information that applies to a particular patient’s medical condition is something that even computers are not good at. Physical Medical Records are supposed to be maintained mandatorily for 10 years as the Government demands. Hence it is imperative that Healthcare organizations rethink their record-keeping, records storage and records management strategy to focus on the big picture.

Shatter the Hype around Records Safety & Security

The privacy and security of the Medical records data have always been top priorities and concerns of a medical institution when it comes to outsourcing of medical records. They must understand that nothing happens if in-house personnel had been vigil about storing and securing these records.

Training under a rigorous record management framework, following a strict record-keeping protocol, installing live monitoring systems and timely auditing the whole process would only ensure the safety and security of medical records. Practically neither hospitals and healthcare organizations may not have the right focus when it comes to medical records management nor be investing on the required infrastructure and processes. Only an offsite records management company can help healthcare businesses with the above.

Elevates Employee Productivity

Outsourcing medical records will only boost the performance of staff in a healthcare organization.  When not outsourced, the employees who are involved in the field of records keeping, accounting, inventory, and claims processing will have to spend time and energy on ensuring records are unified, stored and secured. Outsourcing the function will reduce the multi-directional interaction across medical and non-medical workers thereby everyone can focus on delivering medical service.

Continuous exchange of Records across Multiple Stakeholders

Patient medical records are important means of communication between healthcare service providers and allied service agencies. Therefore, they need to have access to the records as well. When not outsourced, this means humongous work for in-house record-keeping staff members. There is a constant battle between bandwidth and the quality of work done. In such situations, any small error might cause significant damage.

Screen and appoint the record management company that is familiar with the compliance involved in medical records management and their staff is trained professionals with handling Personal Health Information (PHI). The records contain highly sensitive information like details of admission, visits (doctor), diagnosis, lab records, test reports, patient case history, and discharge records.

Escaping the distraction in compliance and legal issues

The implications are huge when actioned against cases of compliance failure and getting caught in the middle of any legal issues. Aside from the services, even patients get into legal actions against the insurance companies or others and they need a complete set of medical records. Without a proper records management system, hospitals may spend hours putting together such age-old reports. Failing to submit those reports on time, or losing reports may draw unnecessary process complications for any healthcare organization.

This is why healthcare organizations started engaging dedicated record management companies and outsourcing their medical records management process, as they help with the process. Outsourcing the record-keeping work will help to retrieve the medical records with ease and submit them on time to avoid further complications. 

Recoup the amount you spend

An in-house record management system can cost you a lot when considering the time and amount you spend on the staff to do the work. Especially when calculating the productive hours that can be well spent in meeting other goals.  By outsourcing the medical records management work, you can recoup the amount spent in the long run.

Having discussed all the above advantages and a few others, spend time evaluating the right records management company to outsource the medical records management.

Kayman is a reputed offsite record management company in Chennai that can help with the medical records management, storage, maintenance, and retrieval of medical records for your health care organization. With proven experience in the medical records management field, Kayman provides excellent service to all its clients. Contact Kayman to know more about the service.

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