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Fortified Medical Records Management for Hospitals

Accurate information is the basis of an effective healthcare practice. Records form the base of capturing and transferring information in multiple formats for real-time decision making.

Medical records management is the crucial element of healthcare practice and it is responsible for all records throughout their lifecycle from creation, maintenance, and use to disposal. Year over year, though there is an increased awareness and initiatives in terms of implementation, medical errors and surge in medical cases during pandemic pushed the healthcare industry to reimagine their medical record management.

A records management system is also useful in exchanging information across multiple offices and 3rd party stakeholders on-time without extra effort. This will increase the chances of patient safety, reduce mistakes, and increase confidence in a treatment plan. Correct medical record management has remarkable effects on increasing productivity, boosting confidence and giving better treatments to the patients.

Objectives of Medical Records Management

1.Precisely capturing Observation of the patient
2.To conduct detailed medical research.
3.Educative content for future cross-reference
4.For providing supplementing documentation for 3rd party transactions
5.Analyzing data and preparing statistical reports
6.For meeting compliance audits
7.And many more

Considering the importance of medical records management for improving quality of patient care, keeping documentation, meeting compliance, it is imperative that healthcare organizations and allied businesses invest in implementing a systematic medical records management for both electronic and physical records management.

Key factors for a Successful Medical Records Management
Consider the following factors before implementing a professional medical records management in your healthcare organization.

●Define Medical Records Management Policies and Procedures
To have successful medical records management, an organization must first clearly establish its policies and procedures of record management. Timely upgrades are required in this section, and keeping policies updated can save many people by providing them treatment on time.

● Label Records Effectively
Labelling records correctly is another critical area one should focus on while handling medical records. This will keep away confusions and will be a great aid in monitoring the patients progress. Scientific records labelling practices can make searching for medical records more efficient along with saving time and cost.

●Digitize Medical Records
Shifting the data to a digital platform can be very useful in controlling and maintaining the patient’s record for future use. However, healthcare companies are mandated to maintain physical medical records for at least 10 years. Manual handling of physical records brings errors in handling, exposes for manipulation, and risks failure of meeting stringent compliance. By systematizing essential record management processes, workflows and records, the accuracy, authenticity and accessibility the records can be improved.

●Improve Data Security
According to a recent survey, 87% of patients do not prefer to give their data to hospitals fearing a breach in the security system. So it is important to improve the data security of the hospital to earn the trust of patients. From creation through destruction, patient medical records must be secure. While in use, electronic records should have a detailed audit trail, but physical medical records should be handled securely with restricted access and systematic procedures.

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