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Growing Record Management Challenges of Automotive Industry

Businesses in Manufacturing, marketing, distribution and selling of automobiles have witnessed rapid transformation at an incredible pace over the years. The industry sector itself has been noted for its high costs of running operations, intense competition, fluctuating market conditions and a complex sales cycles.

Characterized by extremely physical record-based business processes, growing compliances and demanding customer support – Automotive industry stifles for solutions to simplify its decision making, process efficiency and business continuity.

Automotive industry needs efficient planning, proper maintenance of various equipment and a growing list of stringent compliances to meet. Across its research, design, development, production, or quality assurance business functions the manufacturing business generates tons of data on a daily basis with multiple dependencies among internal and external stakeholders.

Let’s take a look at key players within Automotive Industry and their need to maintain a systematic records management.

Automotive Manufacturers

In the interest of delivering superior and futuristic vehicles at optimal costs, Automotive Manufacturers invest heavily in R&D, infrastructure and automated assemblies. Physical records exist in volumes across all business functions from research to shop-floor. Complex interdependency among multiple-stakeholders and irregular interval based record creation & exchange affects bottom-line.

Dealers & Distributors

Customer facing front for the entire automotive sector faces frequent information exchanges. Timely access to customer records, service history and value added services is critical. The problem of records management explodes when dealers have a chain of distribution arms. Reduce internal costs for customer support, document retrievals, faxes, print and mail.
Keep track of critical and transactional document location, movements, audit-trail so that they complement business growth. Waste no time in searching for physical records across offices or manufacturing plants and looking for misplaced documents.

Kayman Vaults is a trusted Records Management Services Provider in Chennai India, that has a custom-built, secure physical records storage facility with international standards. At a fraction of cost, operate trouble-free when it comes to Records-keeping and physical document storage.

Consult with Kayman Records for implementing Records and Information Management (RIM) for your business.

Simplify your Records Management!

Join 1000s of Organizations that operate trouble-free with industry specific Kayman Vaults Records Management Services.
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