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How many years of Medical Records should you maintain

How many years of Medical Records should you maintain?

If you think it is 3 years, then you must read this article to know the correct answer.
In India, it is the duty of the State-Governments to improve public health. Hence, each clinical establishment must be registered with State regulatory authorities. The regulations may vary from state to state. Hence, it is important for Hospitals with multiple branches and PAN India presence to know their own state declared rules and regulations. For example, in the state of Tamilnadu, Hospitals are Registered and regulated as per Tamilnadu Clinical Establishment (Regulations) Rules 2018.

Chennai - India’s Health Capital!

Each year, Chennai attracts Thousands of international and domestic health tourists. The city has ably evolved as India’s health capital. Doctors are collaborating with the international medical fraternity and are working selflessly to provide world-class Healthcare services at affordable costs. At the same time, establishing a hospital requires substantial financial investment, prime Real-estate space, adhering to multiple standards and audits including NABH, HIPAA, etc.,

Spike in Medical Records

The quantum of Medical records increases in proportion with increasing patient footfall. Medical Records Department (MRD) is the heart and soul of every successful Healthcare organisation. Maintaining track of various medical records including IPD, OPD, Immunisation particulars, Maternity records, Medico legal case and others requires a special skillset. These records containing personal health information (PHI) should be accessible to the authorised person only. Safety, Security and Availability is the mantra.

Today, Medical Records are Digitised for convenience and managed by outsourced EMR software. However, physical records sealed & signed by Doctors, Anaesthetist, Medical officers, and Patients are authentic evidence and holds good in court of Law. As per Tamilnadu Clinical Establishment (Regulations) Rules 2018 these records are to be maintained for a period of not less than 10 years.

Putting the valuable Healthcare Facility into Good Use

A Smart Healthcare provider understands the value of Real-estate space and analyse the benefits of adding a consulting room v/s extending a Records room. At the same time, not adhering to record-keeping compliances could disrupt entire business processes, deviating your attention from providing Healthcare to tackling operational issues and even affect Goodwill and business continuity.

What is the Solution?

10 Years of maintaining physical medical records invaluable healthcare office premises in a secured manner against fire, water, safety from misuse and making it available whenever historical records are to be cross-referenced are extremely exhaustive for healthcare organizations.

The rational and cost-effective decision will be to out-source Records Management services and “Documenting peace of mind”. Kayman vaults offer complete Records lifecycle management (Start to shred) maintaining trail of records archived, retrieved, and retention schedule of physical Records.

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