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The financial year is about to come to an end. It is customary to go through an annual records management audit. Are you prepared? Why don’t you do a mock audit so that you can ensure you have everything about handling and storing files under control. Ensure your business follows the procedures for records management and meets the regulatory requirements of your industry.

What is a records audit?

A records audit formally reviews how your agency controls who recovers, changes, or owns a particular record. During this process, the auditor examines your files in light of both legal and practical terms and delivers a report detailing record retention or possible destruction.

What Happens after the Records Management Audit?

After the details and insights have been collected, the records management auditor will produce a records management audit report about how your business is effective as per the desired expectations in the records management cycle. The report will highlight what aspects of records management are functioning well and what needs to be improved along with valuable observations and insights on how to improve existing processes, save costs and minimize time spent in records management.

The auditor may recommend additional audits to keep tabs on whether the correct processes are being followed and to diagnose where improvements can be made for increased efficiency.

It is also a best practice that a business conducts records management audit frequently to ensure your records management meet its policies, procedures, and compliance.

Whatever is said and done, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to records management. By undergoing a records management audit, many strategic decisions can be made about having record backups, digitization of files, and optimizing costs of records storage.

Benefits of Running a Records Management Audit

Do you have an internal audit committee? The Audit team must comprise unbiased professionals who have a thorough understanding of records management, information management, and industry compliance requirements.

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