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How to protect business records from Dampness? – The invisible enemy

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As part of the compliance procedures, businesses require to keep physical records for years as demanded by their respective authority body. Storing and maintaining years of records either in an in-house storage or at rented flats is a big challenge by itself. But one thing that goes often overlooked by record managers is Dampness. Monsoons cannot be avoided. Before even we identify dampness, it would have done its’ damage already. Hence preventive measures are the only ways to safeguard years of business records.

Types of Records that are affected by moisture

Physical records obviously, but even many forms of digital and electro-magnetic records storage are also susceptible to moisture caused dampness.

  • Huge Piles of Paper based files
  • Cardboard Registers
  • Files with Leather Covers
  • Photograph films
  • Recorded Films that are not sealed well
  • Lab Scan Reports and
  • Many more

Factors that cause dampness in records storage

  • Rainwater - It is indeed the Rainy season during September, October and November months. Moisture-laden winds blow can carry forward rainwater droplets way far than we can imagine. Our access control systems cannot control dampness caused by the exposure of rainwater droplets.
  • Humidity – Humidity is dangerous both when extremely dry and extremely wet. It creates Moisture and moisture can certainly damage physical paper based records. It helps the fungal matter grow abundantly as paper based records are one of the rich nutrients for fungal matter.
  • Condensation - Condensation occurs when external air’s dewpoint temperature is lesser than the air inside. This will be the case of large record storage rooms. There is always movement of records in and out. Proper investment in monitoring inside and outside temperature, ventilation, precautions against ocean exposure etc.
  • Records Transit – The method with which business records are transported between office and storing rooms in rental houses is very critical especially during monsoon seasons.
  • Storage Racks – Wooden storage racks are certainly expected to add more risk to stored documents as they absorb moisture. Ensure durable items are stored over wooden racks and paper based records have different safe arrangements.
  • Carton Boxes – Even corrugated cardboard boxes are no insulation for storing paper based records. The porosity levels of those fibers allows to absorb and release moisture. Hence keeping those boxes relatively dry can ensure better safety of those paper records.
  • Water Leaks – Water need not be spilled over records. But they may cause dampness by the water seepage on ground and on walls due to plumbing leaks and rainwater exposure. If not monitored closely, they may affect the whole lot of stored records once for all.

How to protect records getting damaged from Dampness?

  • Storage location – The decision of storing documents in-house or at rental houses is taken easily. However, few aspects like the location of storage rooms or, their exposure, ventilation systems, proximity to seawater are very important.
  • Infrastructure optimization – Implementing Temperature monitoring and Climate Control Systems are essential if records are highly critical and to be retrieved for many more years. Dehumidifiers to maintain conducive temperature to ensure safety of physical paper based records. Tall ceilings, air filtration systems, moisture detectors, adequate storage space that are not near walls etc. are some more tweaks needed in any records storage area.
  • Routine dampness check – Dampness don’t alarm anybody as is not visible until it has already caused significant damage to our stored records. Aside temperature controls systems, human involvement is required to logically think and prevent moisture damage before it becomes uncontrollable.
  • Record Handling procedure – Enabling employees on the systematic ways of handling records is the key. If any agencies are involved in the records storage, they must be enabled on the same records storage and records retrieval process. Simple hacks like using pencils than ink based pens to label boxes or wearing gloves while handling paper records could be highly beneficial.

Not every business has deeper insights when it comes to protecting their business records against the dampness. To learn more about safe records storage during monsoon seasons, consult trusted Record Storage Companies like KAYMAN in Chennai.

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