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Why Pay Premium for storing Files & Records?

Just pay for the Records you store & maintain

You are aware of the benefits of co-working spaces. However storing files in co-working spaces make your office messy and distracts your core focus. Explore benefits of storing records in a centralized records storage facility. 

Volume of physical records explode as time goes. How you store, index, retrieve and distribute when needed in real-time will decide on the power of decision making. Meeting record-keeping compliance is another crucial aspect that will help seamlessly running a forward-looking business.

Benefits of Storing Files in a Records Storage Facility

Beyond simply storing files, a records storage facility offers multiple business benefits from a records management perspective. 
Doorstep Pickup & Delivery of Records
Scientific Indexing of Records
Digital Mailroom Service
Meeting Record-keeping compliance
Maintaining Records Integrity
Quick Retrieval of Records
Secured logs of Access Trail
Following retention & disposal Schedule

Read what other Customers regularly ask us?

We understand your business records are critical

We take utmost care of your records with Safety, Accessibility and Reliability

I see value in your service. How do you charge?

Your files are stored in standard sized Records Management boxes and the charges are on the count of boxes that are stored.

My business records are confidential. Will you keep this in a shared storage facility? 

Except for our authorized staff members, no other clients are allowed inside our storage facility. All clients have a unique code, and the boxes are well distributed within the facility to ensure confidentiality

Is Records Management only for Banks & Organisation

Any Organisation Big or Small, records are a must and are to be maintained by Law / Compliance / Statutory purposes

If I need to access a particular file, how will I get it from your storage facility

We provide accessorial services wherein YOUR RECORDS  are collected and delivered at your doorstep. 

Do other businesses working from co-working spaces store their records with you?

Yes, we have many clients who operate from shared workspaces store their records in our facility.

Records Management Services

Kayman Vaults offer offsite record management services - specializing in lifecycle management records - that caters to document storage, scanning, electronic document management, and shredding needs. 

Offsite Physical Records Management

Store and manage all kinds of unlimited medical records, legal records, critical corporate records at Kayman Vaults secure storage facility for anytime retrieval and timely secure document shredding.

Indexing & Accessorial Services

Timely information access and consumption is possible with systematic file indexing and accessorial services. Kayman Vaults specializes in indexing physical records and electronic media files.

Collection & Delivery Services

Securely transport and store business records and documents at our office from your office locations using our document collection. Also request for specific records access with our document delivery services.

Document Shredding Services

Compliance and regulatory requirements demand businesses to maintain retention schedules, secure shredding schedules. Kayman Vaults support in document shredding at your office or at our secure facility.

Let's Step-up your File Storage

We sign a NDA with all our Clients for Protecting their Confidentiality

Hear from our Clients

We are glad to protect and preserve critical information of our clients who now focus on more strategic growth functions.
“We went from paper to paperless. Not digitally, but our office is clean and tidy without huge piles of paper based records. No more losing time on storing maintaining them.

CEO & Co-Founder

IT Tech Start-up in KARYA SPACES
I appreciate Kayman Vaults' highest levels of safety, security and confidentiality protocols. Record management is now stress free & cost saving.

Chartered Accountant

Group of Companies, in Workafella


With over 40 Years of collective expertise, KAYMAN is the Trusted Name when it comes to Records and Information Management (RIM). KAYMAN has expertise in supporting organizations in all industries with their physical records storage and management.
Chennai’s Best Secure Document Storage Facility
100+ Clients from Multiple Industries
40 Years of collective Records Management Expertise
Industry’s Best SLAs for record retrieval
Full-Cycle Records & Information Management
Certified Information Management Expertise

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