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Document Collection Services

Document Collection services are one of the most critical services in the entire Document Maintenance outsourcing process. The Document Collection Service process involves Data Analysation, Data Categorization, Data Indexing, Data Storage, and Data Retrieval process. Thus when we collect the data from our Customers we identify the data type, define a pre-indexed key that is identified with a Bar code or a QR code, and are transferred to our Data Storage Facility.

Document Retrieval Services

The Collected Documents are indexed and stored. These documents as per the Client's Request are retrieved among the thousands of data that are navigated within minutes. The E-mail from our Client is verified. The verified request is accessed across the stored data. With our targeted document indexing we retrieve the data and we double-check with our Client's request. The sent data to our Client are upgraded as retrieved in the data’s life cycle for data history maintenance.

Our Approach to Document Collection and Retrieval Service

Efficient Data management through our Document Collection and Retrieval Service in Chennai

Collection Service

Identifying Document Type

Pre-Indexing Key Determination

Document Collection from Clients

Storing with the Identity key

Transporting to the vault

Data upload of the Stored Index Keys

Retrieval Service

Verifying the Customer’s Mail

Identifying the Index key

Cross -Verifying the request

Boxing the document after verification

Transporting to Client

Upgrading the process in data Life- Cycle

Why Kayman Vaults for your Document Collection and Retrieval Service?

Standardized Data Access procedure with our Document Collection and Retrieval Service in Chennai
Accurate Scanning
 of Millions of Records
Timely Delivery of 
Double Check Verification 
upon Data 
Binding-in Technology for Document Collection and Delivery

Benefits of Document Collection and Retrieval Service

Manage 1000+ Records through our Document Collection and Retrieval Service in Chennai
-Hassle-free Data Management
-Better Data Navigation
-Timely Retrieval
-Systematic Data Management

Explore our Records Storage Management Services

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Indexing & Accessorial Services
Document Shredding Services

Offsite Physical Records Management

Store and manage all kinds of unlimited medical records, legal records, critical corporate records at Kayman Vaults secure storage facility for anytime retrieval and timely secure document shredding.
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Indexing & Accessorial Services

Timely information access and consumption is possible with systematic file indexing and accessorial services. Kayman Vaults specializes in indexing physical records and electronic media files.
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Document Shredding Services

Compliance and regulatory requirements demand businesses to maintain retention schedules, secure shredding schedules. Kayman Vaults support in document shredding at your office or at our secure facility.
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Simplify your Records Management!

Join 1000s of Organizations that operate trouble-free with industry specific Kayman Vaults Records Management Services.
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