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Any document that is generated in an organization has a life cycle. Managing the document from its creation to disposition requires planning. One of the significant components in the planning is the “Retention and Shredding Schedule.” This schedule lets the organization know the documents to be kept, the period for which they should be kept, and when they should be destroyed. Industries like Banking, Healthcare, and law firms have regulatory constraints they should adhere to. Stringent regulations like GDPR in the EU have elevated the need for retention schedules.


· Mitigate non-compliance risks

· Increase productivity by reducing the time in searching records

· Have control over documents

· Prevent misuse after the end of life

Kayman vaults assist organizations with industry-specific retention and shredding schedules and ensure better compliance. With competency in records management and shredding, Kayman has served organizations across industries with such retention schedules. It also has a state-of-the-art facility for storing and shredding records. Kayman develops the retention and shredding schedules with industrial, state, and central laws in mind. Once the client approves the schedule, Kayman will shred or pick the documents giving you peace of mind. If your organization needs retention/shredding, contact us at

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