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Well-executed record management is very important for organisations to achieve their mission. Say, your firm needs the document of a legal affair of about 5 years old and a failure of submitting the documents can lead to huge penalties! A proper record management system can get your file within minutes. But if you don't have one, there are high chances that you are never going to find those documents. 

A central point of a good record storage system is its record management policy. The policy should define what documents should be kept, what should be destroyed, who will handle the files, who all have the access and so on. Irrespective of your company's size, a nicely jotted down policy can be very much helpful while handling the records. And also, it is a difficult task. The policies must include everything related to handling records and must be realistic, which matches the budget and capability of your organisation. 

Framing these policies will be much harder if you are renting a house for document storage. As you have to start from scratch, the correct implementation of these rules will also be tough. Even if you are trying to establish the policies, you have to spend a lot on the process, which can leave you exhausted! 

Hiring a record management agency like Kayman Vaults can make your record storage much easier and hassle-free. They already have a well-defined record management process that will keep your files safe from both humans and nature. Also, by relying on them, you don't have to spend extra on temperature control and security measures. Kayman has all top-notch security measures that assure complete safety for the records. 

This article will explain why you should have a record management policy of your own and how you should store your records. 

Managing the Growth of Records

A perfect record management policy will have guidelines about how to manage the growth of records. Timely destroying unwanted files, finding and eliminating multiple copies of documents and deciding the importance of documents come under this. The people who undertake this task must know these policies and should implement them. This way, you can save space and can give an organized outlook for your records. 

Instant Retrieval and Timely Disposal of records

Effective record management policy guarantees easy retrieval of records. A well-designed filing system comes with accurate ideas of placement of the records. This will considerably reduce the time and effort you might need to put in while searching for a record if you don't have a record management policy. These policies will also have regulations about when and how you should destroy a record. 

Meeting Regulatory Compliance

Governments introduce stringent regulatory compliance for each business to cope-up with data privacy, streamlined operations and business continuity in the long-term. Record keeping is definitely part of the strategy put together for meeting regulatory compliance. Hence your company must have a record management policy that ensures your records, processes and surrounding practices comply with the rules and regulations of the government. A failure in this can result in total damage to your company's reputation along with irreparable financial loss. 

Protect Confidential Information

Unorganized files can be an invitation for theft, misplacement or corporate espionage. Be protected from the hands of information security breaches or natural calamity disasters. When working along with a record management policy, you will have complete information on data access and placement, that limit the scope of illegal entry by adversaries. In case of any such eventuality happens to those records, you can still easily track them down and mitigate risks. 

Cost-effectiveness in Records Storage 

A successfully implemented record management policy can save money and time. Since you already knew what to do and how to do things, the time won't be wasted in sorting out things. Adding to this, organized record management can save your money by reducing operating costs. When we say, operating costs come in multiple ways. Manpower, resources, printing costs, records transportation cost, operating cost of the resources involved in record management.

Enabling Informed Decision Making 

Quick and foolproof decision-making is critical for the success of any organization. Well-managed records can be very helpful for decision-makers to make informed decisions faster than usual. All records required will be available within minutes that can improve the quality of any decisions taken. 
Kayman vaults is a trusted record storage facility in Chennai with an excellent track record. For more information about Kayman and offsite physical document storage management, visit the official website.

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