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The way a business manages its records internally and externally has a huge impact on the productivity of its employees. If handled well, simple tasks like creating documents, sharing and signing them, and collaborating with clients and colleagues can offer benefits both productivity-wise as well as demonstrating financial benefits too.

But if Records Management is not handled appropriately, small, unnoticed and unknown elements across the value chain of information creation, communication, coordination, or execution could topple the overall net productivity of an entire organization.

De-Clutter – The Mantra for a Productivity

De-Clutter your workforce as much as possible. A Cluttered office with lots of paper based files is a hindrance to work as it is to the mind.’ A decluttered place not only allows the employees to focus on work but also allows them to approach work in a positive manner. De-cluttering the office by moving heaps of your business records to the records room or storage facility will also offer other benefits like cost-saving, better utilization of the office space.

Know what records to store and maintain… and know when to shred them and dispose of! This clarity will help maintain an optimal number of files and reduce unnecessary duplication of work.

Clear Existing Records Backlog!

None of our businesses exist without having a backlog. A fast-growing business has always a flow of paper records coming in and keeps getting stacked upon each other. So, as a first step, start working as a team together to clear the pending backlog. Hence it is advisable to plan for this exercise preferably in the last financial month or in the first financial month of the calendar. This will help in completing this backlog clearing as regular work and not as an additional task to the existing queue.

Organize & Index Files Better

There are scientific ways through which a business can organize and index their files, key documents and store them in a records room or in a records storage facility. This will tremendously boost the accessibility of records to users at the right time. Employees also will reduce misfiling, retyping, photocopying, retrieval of paper-based files. This cleansing exercise will help collate organizational knowledge in a more accessible manner.

Making it Practical & Easy for Employees

This is one of the important aspects of systematically implementing Records management in a business. However, often being disregarded. Once the records management system is being implemented it is imperative to train all the employees across the business functions in a uniform manner. Each business function has different workflows. It is essential that they see records management as a unified process than an isolated one.

More often, the Human Resources Department and Finance Function needs to come together and understand how information flow happens seamlessly across an employee life-cycle. Such cross-departmental training and handshakes will make process clarity better and help address unnoticed delays. Across the organization, use creative workflow posters as infographics can be posted for making the newer processes familiarized.

Take Professional Assistance with your Records Management

Now, these may sound simple. But it is definitely not. Especially when an organization is big enough and has a lot of documents in the process. Industries like Logistics, Healthcare, Financial Services, the Educational sector, and pharma have a lot of paper-intensive businesses. Managing these records internally can be tedious as there are no dedicated information management professionals.

However, you can take professional assistance from a Records Management Services vendor to Skyrocket productivity and get a better return on your investment.

Kayman Vaults is a records management organization that can help. It offers services like physical records management, critical document storage, digital scanning and imaging, and also data tapes and media vaulting. Kayman Vaults ensures that all data from clients are secured in a location not accessible to others, thereby ensuring security. The organization also ensures that the requested data can be handed over to the client at the earliest. The organization also provides shredding needs if the document is no longer needed according to the client. Also, all the data that has been gathered is carefully sorted out and can be identified and collected fast whether they are in physical or digital form.

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