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Most businesses don’t realize that records shredding is a serious exercise. They simply allocate few internal staff members to get it over with. However, the risks and cost implications of these in-house shredding processes may be significantly higher than originally understood.

Let’s look at some reasons on why onsite or in-house document shredding is riskier and not preferred.

Cost implications of In-House Shredding

On the outset, it may look as if records shredding internally using few spare resources might look cheaper. It may be right to some extent if the volume of records you maintain is very low. Beyond a point it is definitely not recommended as the actual cost of shredding is more than it appears to be.

Businesses don’t calculate the useful and other productive tasks those shredding team members could have done. The next dependency is to have someone to monitor and moderate the exercise. The cost of this person with a higher responsibility needs to be accounted for.

Risk of Identity Theft

In-house records shredding may not have required resources allocated to monitor through the whole shredding exercise. This leaves space for misuse of the information especially if your business maintains consumer data. Anyone can simply start impersonating others when they get control over sensitive contact and other personal details. Worst nightmare in this situation is that this cannot be controlled.

A well planned and monitored process of shredding at an exclusive offshore records storage facility will guarantee accountability and integrity to the desired data security standards.

Risks of Information Leaks

In an unmonitored records shredding process there are high chances of Information leaks. This is serious as it can compromise important details that may disrupt other businesses or stall your business operations. Whether it is accidental or intentional the risks associated with such poorly planned records shredding process is completely yours. If a competitor or an individual gets hold of this leaked information the chances of them using this against the goodwill of your business is very high. It can attract bad PR, Penal Actions, Lawsuits and even losing clients.

Legal Implications

Maintaining records and Shredding unwanted records is a legal requirement for any business. While doing so there are specific certification processes to be followed. In-house records shredding will not help in getting an authenticated certificate of records destruction. Not only the outcome, but also the systematic way in which records shredding projects are executed may be understood. Any records keeping audit from the regulatory bodies will bring these details into light and it may attract legal complications.

Understanding all the above cost implications and business risks associated with records-shredding businesses need to take an informed decision of whether they are deciding on in-house shredding or offsite records shredding.

Advantages of offsite records shredding

Outsourcing such a sensitive responsibility to a dedicated records shredding services provider will be a good choice as they possess experience, maintains confidentiality, gives you confidence of meeting records shredding compliance the right way. KAYMAN Records Management is a trusted records digitization company in Chennai, India who have helped lots of industry businesses with their documents shredding needs. They do have a sophisticated records storage facility in Chennai where you can consider storing and shredding your physical files in a secure manner.

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