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Why Records Management for companies operating in Co-Working Spaces?

With the sudden development in the number of startups and entrepreneurship in the Nation and especially after COVID-Pandemic triggered economic downtime. The demand for professional office space is at an all-time high. Co-Working spaces have offered a very optimal workaround for businesses that need fully-furnished office space at affordable charges.

The decision makers understand that shared workspaces offer economics of scale advantage. It so happens that these businesses swiftly generate lot of business records and need storage. Soon enough companies that operate from co-working spaces realize that their records storage and records management is becoming unmanageable.

Let us look at some of the factors that compel why companies operating in co-working spaces should consider offsite records storage and management.

Limited Space for File Storage

Co-Working Spaces are designed in the way that it suits multiple businesses operate, share resources in a lean and efficient manner. The common areas aside workstations and conference rooms are limited and do not have capacity to introduce file storage racks and provisions for each company or client. The limited racks and draws given for each client may not fit to accommodate even fewer office files. If your business deals lots of paper-based transactions for employees, clients, vendors and partners, then you will run out of file storage space in few months.

Lack of Privacy & Security

Co-Working Spaces provide adequate security and privacy to chosen workstations and cabins. However, they are confined to the smaller room sizes. The file storage options most often are provisioned in common areas of the co-working spaces. Except for the locks of drawers, the privacy and security you may get is not enough. This is no match when it comes to the security you may get in dedicated file storage facilities. As a business, you may not compromise integrity of your records at the cost of privacy and security.

Absence of specialized care for Paper based records

Records, especially paper based records and files need special storage provisions. There must be enough space to facilitate adequate aeration, ventilation and lighting. There are a lot other safety measures usually co-working spaces may not be able to arrange such as protection from floods, fire, privileged access and movement of files and personnel, indexing of files, digitization of records, on-demand file retrieval and timely shredding of documents based on your retention schedule.

So, How Records are being stored in co-working spaces?

Here are some ways companies that operate from co-working spaces manage their file storage options.

  • By taking file storage racks within co-working spaces that come at higher cost
  • By adjusting within limited dedicated space and end-up creating a messy office
  • By renting additional seats just to accommodate ever-growing file storage
  • By renting a rental apartment / house outside and dumping all records there

Co-Working Office Spaces are designed to facilitate productivity of lean and nimble businesses. Not suitable for hosting all your business functions especially finance, payroll, purchase and other paper-intensive operations.

Off-Site Record Storage & Management is the Solution 

The above are reasons why companies that operate within co-working spaces opt for Offsite Records Storage and Records Management.

Records Management companies have file storage solutions for businesses in co-working spaces.

  • Even in small quantities, physical records can be stored in specialized record storage facilities
  • Door-step Pick-up and Delivery of requested files can be arranged
  • Digitizing records using high-speed scanners and OCR equipment for backups & distribution
  • As per records retention schedule, obsolete records are disposed and certificate of destruction is provided

Why KAYMAN Records Management?

With over 40 years of records and information management expertise, KAYMAN Records Management is the trusted records management company in Chennai. They understand your growing document storage needs and present viable options.

Serving multiple clients that operate within co-working spaces, KAYMAN Records Management will help your business stay nimble and focus on core business rather than having to worry about managing files and their specialized security needs.

Connect with KAYMAN Records Management. Get a personalized quote for your Records Storage. Operate trouble-free with complete Peace of Mind.

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